Our SDK is all you need to enable EMV, mobile wallets and emerging pay technologies, while keeping your system out of scope, for full PCI compliance.

The eatOS Point of Sale Software Development Kit (SDK) offers integrated SDK utilities, technical documentation, and samples to help you integrate eatOS with your application in the shortest possible time. The entire SDK is designed around a single specification—to enable card payment acceptance for your business.

The eatOS SDK allows you to securely connect with our gateway and process transaction. When you sign up, you will receive a unique id which will identify you on every communication.

The basic idea is simple:

Your application sends us a request using our simple API format. There are required and optional values for each type of transaction.
The most common request is to process a credit/debit card payment. eatOS analyzes and routes every transaction based on over a dozen calculations and sends the request to the processor.
eatOS forwards the response back to your server. If approved, we also send a token back to your system so that you do not need to store credit cards.
All future transactions relating to the payment, such as refunds, voids, etc can be sent via the API using the token alone.
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