Setting up eatOS KDS

Launch the KDS application. Enter the Email and Password and click on Sign In.

Select the server or type the IP address and tap Connect.

Tap Sync.After the loader has stopped displayed, all the data has been synced from the server and KDS is ready to use.

Navigation and Control in KDS

eatOS KDS provides the following menu items in the KDS,

Home  : Home screen is where the new orders will be displayed. Clicking on the home button in the top navigation will take you to the home screen.
History : History screen will display all the orders which have either been served or canceled.
Served : Served screen will display all the orders which have been served from the kitchen.
Settings  : Settings menu contains a list of options which helps to set various application settings.
Unseen/Seen : These buttons will be used to filter the orders in Home screen. When clients press the Unseen or Seen button, it will automatically just go to the home page, and show the orders which are Seen or Unseen as your filter selected.
Hide : Hide button is used to hide/unhide the item summary.
Minimize  : This button will minimize/maximize all the tickets.
Sort Sort button is used to sort the order on the basis of the order number.
Item summary : Item summary will display the number of products belonging to each category.

Sign out from eatOS KDS

Tap Settings from the top menu navigation. Alternatively, tap on the below icon,

Tap Log out.
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