You can view inventory details in the Cash register option on the app and also on the merchant login. Follow the steps below to get started.

Visit and click merchant login to sign in to your account.
In the Dashboard, click the drop down on right hand corner, select Profile > Business. Scroll down to Products and select Active to activate inventory.
Log into the app with your user id and password, select Cash Register. In cash register, tap the three dots and tap Inventory In to add incoming inventory. In Settings, you can set inventory alerts.

To add products in your account, follow these steps:

Adding products through the cash register

Login to eatOS app.
Select cash register.
On the top right corner tap the 3 dots and select Add product. Add the product details and image and tap Save.

Adding products through the Dashboard

Visit and click merchant login to sign in to your account.
On the top right corner, click the drop down list, select Products and add/upload the product excel sheet or csv files.

Adding products through the Product Catalog

Log in to the eatOS app.
Select cash register in the top right corner, tap the 3 dots and select Catalog.
From the list select the desired product and tap Done. A message will appear “Product added Successfully”.
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