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POS V4.1.0 - Menu Management Ingredients

How to add an ingredient from your Point of Sale

This article will teach you how to craft an ingredient and how to make changes to your existing ingredients. Dive right in and learn the basics of ingredient management – quick, simple, and easy!

Streamline your point of sale process with our ingredient adding and change feature. Add ingredients quickly and easily, making changes as needed for a more efficient workflow.

In this article:

How to Create a New Ingredient
How to Edit and Delete an Ingredient
Point of Sale illustration

How to Create a New Ingredient

From your new order screen tap the drop-down arrow (a) or slide the setting bar down (b):

Settings Dropdown

Tap on Menu management and select ingredients

Menu Management tab


New Ingredient tab

Fill out Ingredient Information

a. Ingredient NAME— Custom ingredient name, Ex. Mayo,Ketchup

b. Ingredient TYPE — For type you can select exceptional or normal, note that these do not provide any distinct differences. This will only be a reference that you would like to associate to your ingredient.

Tap on the X and your changes will be saved automatically

Ingredient Information

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How to Edit and Delete an Ingredient


a. Select the ingredient you wish to delete or edit

Ingredient Selected

b. Update or edit changes

c. Tap Archive to delete the product


Tap the X and your changes will be saved automatically.

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Point of Sale illustration


The following illustration shows how ingredients position in your Point of Sale after configuring your ingredients settings

POS illustration

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Updated on: 12/05/2023

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