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Add-On Management on Dashboard & POS

Managing and Creating Add-Ons: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on managing and creating add-ons both in the dashboard and on your Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Whether you're operating from the dashboard or utilizing the POS system, understanding the process of creating and managing add-ons is essential for enhancing your offerings.

How to Add or Create New Add-Ons on the Dashboard

To make the process of adding new add-ons to your menu seamless, follow these steps:

Access Add-ons: Navigate to the menu management section and select "Add-ons."

Add New Add-On: Click on the "+ New Add-ons" button, enter the necessary details, and save your changes.

a. Add-on Name: Provide a descriptive name for the add-on (e.g., Add Bacon, Extra Egg, Add Onion).

b. Add-on Group: Choose an appropriate group for the add-on.

c. Options: Indicate whether the add-on has options:

Select "Yes" for add-ons with options.
Select "No" for add-ons without options.
d. Multiple Options: If the add-on has multiple options, specify if customers can choose more than one.

e. Number of Options: Enter the count of options available for customers.

f. Option Details: Enter option names and corresponding prices.


Add On Name - Add Fries
Option - Large or Medium
Value - $5 - $4

How to add and edit Add-ons on Point of Sale

If you want to start adding and editing Add-Ons from your Point-of-Sale device, then this article is a great way to understand how. We have outlined the steps for you below, so let's get started!

Create and edit delicious add-ons with ease. Unleash your creativity and let your ideas come to life. Start exploring the possibilities today and discover the exciting world of add-ons.

How to Add and Edit Add-Ons on the Point of Sale

If you're looking to add and edit add-ons directly from your Point-of-Sale device, follow these steps:

1. Access Menu Management: From the new order screen, tap the drop-down arrow (a) or slide down the settings bar (b).

New Order Screen

2. Open Menu Management: Tap on "Menu Management."

Menu Management Tab]

3. Navigate to Add-Ons: In the left-hand navigation bar, select "Add-Ons."

Left hand navbar

Add New Add-On: Click on the "Add" button.

Add tab

Enter the required information:

Note: If no order types are specified, the modifier will be available for all orders.

a. Order Type Tag: Select the applicable order type for which the add-on will be displayed.

b. Add-On Name: Provide a name for the add-on (e.g., French Fries).

c. Options: Indicate if the add-on has options.

d. Number of Options: Specify how many options customers can select.

d. How many options can the customer select? (Select how many options a customer can select)

Information Field

Save Changes: Click Save once all details are entered.

Editing and Deleting Add-Ons

To edit or delete existing add-ons, follow these steps:

Access Menu Management: From the Menu Management tab, select "Add-Ons" and choose the add-on you wish to modify.


a. Edit Add-On: Make desired changes to the add-on details.
b. Archive Add-On: Scroll down and tap "Archive" to remove the add-on.

Edit Add-Ons

Point of Sale Illustration

The illustration below demonstrates how add-ons appear in your Point-of-Sale after configuring your POS menu add-on settings.


Updated on: 11/22/2023

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