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Card Connect Integration for Payments

CardConnect is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions, helping more than 230,000 organizations accept billions of dollars in card transactions each year

To begin integrating CardConnect with your eatOS dashboard, please follow these steps:

Access your eatOS Dashboard and select the desired location. Then, navigate to the Integration section.

Within the Integration menu, locate the option for CardConnect.

Tap on the CardConnect option and then click on the "Install App" button.

After selecting the "Install App" button, you will be prompted to provide your CardConnect account's credentials

Input your CardConnect account's username, password, and merchant ID into the appropriate fields.

Once you have entered the required credentials, click on the "Save" button to save the integration settings.

After saving the integration, proceed to the Hardware section of your dashboard.

Tap on "+ New Hardware" and select the card reader option.

Choose "CardConnect" as the subtype for the card reader integration.

Enter the necessary device information for the card reader and click the "Add" button to complete the setup process.

Device Name*Enter the device name
Subtype*Card Connect
Serial Number*Enter the device serial number
Bolt Merchant ID*Enter the merchant ID used during the integration
Bolt Username*Enter the bolt username - the username used during the integration
Bolt Password*Enter the bolt password (the same password used on the integration)
HSN*Enter the same credential as the serial number

Updated on: 11/24/2023

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