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eatOS Dashboard: eCard System Integration

How to Integrate eCard System with Your eatOS Dashboard

The eCard System offers comprehensive gift card solutions, including custom gift card printing, packaging, and robust gift card software and programs.

Understanding Gift Cards
Gift cards are preloaded laminated cards that provide a convenient cash alternative for transactions.

Activating Gift Cards for Your Restaurant

Once your eCard account is set up, your restaurant patrons can purchase gift cards. To make these cards usable, activation is required through the eatOS dashboard.

Integration Process

Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate the eCard system into your eatOS dashboard:

Access Your eatOS Dashboard: Log in to your eatOS dashboard and choose the relevant location. Go to the Integration section.
Find eCard System Integration: Within the Integration menu, locate and select the eCard System option.
Install the App: Click on the eCard option and then choose "Install App."

Note: During this step, you will be prompted to enter your eCard account username and password.

Enter Credentials: Enter your eCard account's username and password into the provided fields.
Save Changes: After entering the required credentials, click "Save." This will activate the eCard integration.

If you encounter difficulties during the integration or have further questions, contact our support team at

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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