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eatOS Dashboard: Categories Management

eatOS Dashboard: Categories Management

Welcome to eatOS comprehensive guide on Category Management! With the powerful Category Management feature integrated into the eatOS Dashboard, businesses can seamlessly create, update, and delete categories, ensuring a streamlined organization and effortless navigation for both staff and customers.### How to add or create new categories

Adding New Categories

Follow these simple steps to add or create new categories to your eatOS Dashboard:

Access the Menu Management section and click on "Categories."
Locate and click on the "+ New Category" button.
Fill in the required category information and click "Save."

Here's the information you can provide:

Category ImageUpload a category image
Category ColorSelect the category color
Category Name*Upload a category image
Parent CategorySelect the parent category where the sub-category will be assigned
Assigned PrinterSelect the printer to route the category
Modifier Group*Select the modifier group applicable to the category
ProductsSelect the products to be assigned to the sub-category

Editing Categories

If you need to make changes to existing categories, follow these steps:

Select the category you want to edit.
Hoover to the "Date Created" column
Choose "Edit."
Update the necessary information and save your changes.

Archiving a Category

To archive a category that is no longer in use, adhere to the following steps:

Select the category you wish to archive.
Hoover to the "Date Created" column
Opt for "Archive."

Confirm your choice by selecting "Yes, archive it!" Or choose "Cancel" to retain the category without archiving.

Categories Positioning in Point-of-Sale (POS) Menu

Once you've configured your menu categories, it's essential to understand how they appear in your Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Refer to the illustration below for a visual representation of category positioning within the POS menu:

By following these guidelines, you'll master the art of Category Management using the eatOS Dashboard. Enjoy a well-organized menu and enhance your customers' ordering experience. For any further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 11/22/2023

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