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Dashboard Add-On Management

Managing Add-Ons with the eatOS Dashboard

Welcome to the eatOS help desk article on efficiently managing add-ons through the intuitive eatOS Dashboard. This article outlines the advantages and functionalities of Add-On Management via the Dashboard, elucidating how this feature empowers businesses to tailor their eatOS experience to their specific requirements.

How to Add or Create New Add-Ons

Access Add-Ons: Start by navigating to the Add-ons section within the menu management area.

Create New Add-On: Click on the "+ New Add-ons" button, then provide the necessary information and save the changes.

a. Add-On Name: Enter a descriptive name for the add-on (e.g., Add Bacon, Extra Egg, Add Onion).

b. Add-On Group: Select an appropriate group for the add-on.

c. Options: Choose whether the add-on has options:

Select "Yes" if the add-on has one or more options.
Select "No" if the add-on has no options.

d. Multiple Options: If the add-on has multiple options, indicate whether customers can select more than one.

e. Number of Options: Specify the number of available options for customers.

f. Option Details: Enter option names and their corresponding prices using the provided table format.

Add On NameOptionValue
Add FriesLarge$5

How to edit add-ons

Select Add-Ons: Choose the add-on you wish to edit.
Access Edit Options: Hoover to the "Date Created" column.
Edit Add-On: Choose the Edit option.

Update Information: Make necessary changes to the add-on's details and save.

How to archive add-ons

Choose Add-Ons: Select the add-on you want to archive.
Access Archive Options: Hoover to the "Date Created" column
Archive Add-On: Opt for the Archive option.

Confirmation: Confirm the archive action by selecting "Yes, archive it!" or choose "Cancel" to retain the item.

Add-On Positioning in Point-of-Sale (POS) Menu Illustration

Add-On Positioning in Point-of-Sale (POS) Menu

The following illustration showcases the positioning of add-ons within the point-of-sale system after configuring menu add-on settings in your POS.

To view and select add-ons, tap the ADD-ONS button in the product pop-up.

Updated on: 11/22/2023

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