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Modifier Group Management

Modifier Group Creation and Management in eatOS


With the Modifier Group Creation and Management feature offered by eatOS, restaurant owners and managers gain a powerful tool to enhance their menu offerings. Through the intuitive eatOS Dashboard, users can easily create and manage modifier groups, allowing for seamless customization of dishes to meet individual customer needs.

How to Add or Create a New Modifier Group

Select Modifier Groups: Access the menu management section and click on "Modifier Groups."
Create a New Modifier Group: Click on the "+ New Modifier Group" button.
Enter Details: Provide the necessary information for your new modifier group and click "Save."

Modifier Group Name*Name of the modifier group
Modifier Group Position*Set the modifier group position. Modifier group position reflects the order in which the groups are displayed when ordering a product in the POS
Modifier Group Type*This field contains two values i.e., Add-ons or modifiers
Modifier Group Display Name*Enter a group display name to be shown in the product customization screen
ModifiersSelect the modifiers that will be associated with the group modifier.
Checked-mark the box to set the modifier as a default modifier
Advanced Settings
Does this Add on have options?
How many modifiers must customers select?Enter a number of how many modifiers a customer “MUST” – This makes the modifier a forced/mandatory modifier. The customer must select before being able to add an order
How many modifiers can the customer selectEnter a number of how many modifiers can the customer select

How to edit a modifier group

Select the Modifier Group: Locate the modifier group you wish to edit.
Access the Editing Options: Hoover to the "Date Created" column
Select Edit: Make the necessary updates to the information.

How to archive a modifier group

Select the Modifier Group: Find the modifier group you want to archive.
Access Archiving Options: Hoover to the "Date Created" column
Select Archive: Confirm the archiving action.

Select “Yes, archive it!” to confirm the selection, or select “Cancel” to go back without deleting the item.

Modifier Group Positioning in Point-of-Sale (POS) Menu Illustration

The following illustration demonstrates the positioning of group modifiers within your point-of-sale system after configuring the modifier group.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create, edit, and manage modifier groups using eatOS, enhancing your restaurant's menu customization capabilities and providing a better experience for your customer

Updated on: 11/22/2023

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