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Modifier Group Management on Dashboard and POS

How to Manage Modifier Groups in Your Point-of-Sale System


This helpdesk article guides you through the process of adding, editing, and deleting modifier groups in your Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Modifier groups allow you to customize products to meet your customers' preferences, enhancing their overall experience. Below, we'll explore how to create new modifier groups on the dashboard and perform group management tasks within your POS system.* How to add or create a new modifier group on the dashboard.

Creating a New Modifier Group on the Dashboard

Accessing Modifier Groups: To create a new modifier group, start by selecting Modifier Groups in the menu management section.
Adding a New Group: Click on the "+ New Modifier Groups" button.
Provide Group Details: Enter the required information and then click Save. Here are the details you need to fill in:

Modifier Group Name*Name of the modifier group
Modifier Group Position*Set the modifier group position. Modifier group position reflects the order in which the groups are displayed when ordering a product in the POS
Modifier Group Type*This field contains two values i.e., Add-ons or modifiers
Modifier Group Display Name*Enter a group display name to be shown in the product customization screen
ModifiersSelect the modifiers that will be associated with the group modifier.
Checked-mark the box to set the modifier as a default modifier
Advanced Settings
Does this Add on have options?
How many modifiers must customers select?Enter a number of how many modifiers a customer “MUST” – This makes the modifier a forced/mandatory modifier. The customer must select before being able to add an order
How many modifiers can the customer selectEnter a number of how many modifiers can the customer selects

Advanced Settings:

Does this Add-on have options?
How many modifiers must customers select?: Define the minimum required modifiers for customers.
How many modifiers can the customer select?: Set the maximum allowed modifiers.

How to Add a New Group from your Point of Sale

The following article will teach you how to create a new group from your Point-of-Sale system. Follow the steps for an easy setup process.

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1.** From your new order screen tap the drop-down arrow** (a) or slide the setting bar down (b):

Settings Dropdown

Tap on Menu Management

Menu Management tab

On the left-hand navbar tap on Groups

Left hand navbar


Add Tab

5.** Enter the required Information (Field with = Mandatory)*

a. Group Name*Enter the group name i.e, Cheese
b. Group display nameEnter a group display name
c. Group TypeSelect group type (modifier/Add-on)
d. ModifiersSelect the modifiers to be applied to the group i.e, Almond Cheese,Mozzarella
e. Modifier Group positionEnter the modifier group position
f. Modifier group advanceMarked if modifier group is mandatory- If marked select how many modifiers a customer “MUST” select
Mark and select how many modifiers customers can select.
g. Tap SAVE to save group modifier



From Menu Management, tap on the Group sub-tab and proceed by selecting a group from the list available

Group Selected

b. Edit Group - Begin to edit and make changes to the Group.
c. Archive Group - Scroll down and tap on Archive to Archive Group

Changes will be saved automatically.

Edit/Delete Changes


The provided illustration demonstrates the placement of group modifiers within your point-of-sale system once you have configured your POS menu group settings.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage modifier groups in your Point-of-Sale system, ensuring a smoother customer ordering experience.

Updated on: 11/22/2023

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