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Modifier Management on Dashboard & POS

How to Add and Manage Modifiers on the eatOS Dashboard

Welcome to the guide on how to efficiently add and manage modifiers on the eatOS dashboard. Modifiers allow you to enhance your menu items and tailor them to your customer's preferences. Follow the steps below to effortlessly create and edit modifiers, ensuring a seamless ordering experience for your customers.

Table of Contents:

1. Adding New Modifiers
2. Accessing the Modifiers Section
3. Creating a New Modifier
4. Inputting Modifier Details
5. Saving Your Changes
6. Editing or Deleting Modifiers
7. Accessing the Modifier List
8. Editing a Modifier
9. Archiving a Modifier
10. Illustration of Modifier Position in the POS Menu

Select Modifiers in the menu management section.
Tap + New Modifiers
Enter the required information and tap the save button.

Modifier Name*Name of the modifier i.e Ranch, Vinaigrette, Caesar
Modifier Group NameName of the modifier group i.e Salad Dressing
Can this modifier be served?Checkmark If modifier can be served (KDS responsive) Ex. A burger is served with a side choice of fries and onion rings (Burger Sides = group modifier) – marked if a side choice can be served in advance before serving the burger (product item)
Does this modifier have options?If “Yes” at least one option should be selected
Can the customer choose multiple options?If “Yes”, the customer can select one or more available modifier options
Number of options to chooseSelect the number of options a customer can choose a modifier

Option Name
Add the modifier option nameEnter the option priceEdit icon – allows you to edit the option name and price. Delete icon – allows you to delete the modifier option

How to Add and edit Modifiers on Point of Sale

This guide will provide you with the steps necessary to successfully edit and add a new modifier. Utilize this helpful resource to make any changes to your modifiers efficiently and effectively!

To make your menu items more versatile and appealing, you can easily add new modifiers. Follow these steps:

Accessing the Modifiers Section (a) or slide the setting bar down (b):

New Order Screen

Navigate to Menu Management - Tap on "Menu Management" to access the menu configuration options.

Menu Management Tab

Select Modifiers - In the left-hand navbar, choose "Modifiers" to manage and create modifiers.

Modifiers Tab

Add a New Modifier - Click on "Add" to begin creating a new modifier.


5. Input Modifier Details

Fill in the required information, including:
Order type tag
Modifier name
Can this modifier be served?
Does this modifier have options?
Number of options customers can select

Information Field

Changes will be saved automatically

Editing or Deleting Modifiers - If you need to make changes to existing modifiers, follow these steps:

Accessing the Modifier List - Under Menu Management, select the Modifier sub-tab to view the list of available modifiers.


a. Editing a Modifier - Choose a modifier from the list and start editing its details as needed.
b. Archiving a Modifier - To remove a modifier from active use, scroll down and tap "Archive."

Edit/Delete Modifier

3. Illustration of Modifier Position in the POS Menu

For a visual representation of how modifiers are integrated into your point-of-sale menu, refer to the following image:


Updated on: 11/22/2023

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