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Point of Sale - Create an account


Ready to get up and running with eatOS? Follow the simple steps below to create your new account and start experiencing all of its amazing features! Making an account is a straightforward process that will only take a couple minutes of your time — let's get started!

Unleash the flavors of your restaurant with eatOS Point of Sale. Streamline your operations and start serving up delicious meals to your guests. Create an account today and join the eatOS community!

Note: The following will preview how to create an account and successfully register it using the phone number method.

A quick guide on creating your account with eatOS Point of Sale

Step 1: Tap on Create an Account

Step 2: Complete the Required Fields and Agree to Terms

Fill in your details, including your name, contact information, and restaurant information. Review the Seller Agreement and consent to its terms before proceeding to create your account.

a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Email
d. Phone Number
e. Password
f. Country
g. Restaurant Name
h. Restaurant Type
i. View Seller Agreement and e-sign Consent
j. Tap on Create an Account

Step 3: Set PIN

a. Set PIN*

b. Confirm PIN

Step 4: Select E-mail or Mobile Number to receive a confirmation code

Step 5: Enter OTP

Step 6: Lastly tap on Done

Note: When tapping on done you will be redirected to the main screen to log in.

Now that you have learned how to create an account learn how to log-in here

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Updated on: 05/22/2024

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