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Are you unsure how to create your own restaurant menu or update an existing one? Follow this guide for all the information you need to get started! We'll take you step-by-step and explain exactly how to make modifications that will suit your needs.

Create and edit menus effortlessly with our simple point-of-sale system. Learn how to customize and update menus for your business quickly and conveniently.

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How to Add a Menu
How to edit or archive an existing Menu

How to Add a Menu

Step 1: From your new order screen tap the drop-down arrow (1a) or slide the setting bar down (1b):

Step 2: Tap on Menu Management

Step 3: Tap on Add and enter the required information:

3a. Menu Name
3b. Select a Category
3c. Select a Revenue Center

Step 4: To activate the Menu follow the steps below:

4a. Toggle on Keep menu active for POS
4b. Enter a Start and End date.
4c. Select the days the menu will be active.
4d. Select a Start and End Time

Activate Menu

Pro Tip: To apply the same hours of operation on the applicable days of the week, simply tap on the icon located on the right of the end time field. Upon selection, it will prompt you to select all or set as required.

Step 5: Once done tap on the close or X-icon to save the changes

How to edit or archive an existing Menu

Step 6: From Menu Management, tap on the Menu sub-tab and proceed by selecting a menu from the list available

Note: There are two actions you can take a and b listed below.

6a. Edit Menu - Begin to edit and make changes to the menu.

6b. Archive Menu - Scroll down and tap on Archive to Archive the menu.

Step 7: Once done tap on X or close icon to save the changes made

The following illustration shows how the menu items position in your Point of Sale after you have configured your POS menu section.

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Updated on: 05/19/2024

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