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Point of Sale V4.1.0 - Menu Management - Add-Ons

How to add and edit Add-ons on Point of Sale

If you want to start adding and editing Add-Ons from your Point-of-Sale device, then this article is a great way to understand how. We have outlined the steps for you below, so let's get started!

Create and edit delicious add-ons with ease. Unleash your creativity and let your ideas come to life. Start exploring the possibilities today and discover the exciting world of add-ons.

How to create a new Add-On

From your new order screen tap the drop-down arrow (a) or slide the setting bar down (b):

New Order Screen

Tap on Menu Management

Menu Management Tab]

On the left-hand navbar tap on Add-Ons

Left hand navbar

Next tap on Add

Add tab

Enter the required information:

Note: that if no order types are specified, the modifier will be available for all orders.

a. Order type tag (Select the applicable order type for which the add-on will be displayed. The add-on will only be visible for the selected order type)
b. ADD-ON Name Ex( French Fries)
c. Does this Add-On have options? (If add-ons have options, enter the add-on options and at least one option should be selected)
d. How many options can the customer select? (Select how many options a customer can select)

Information Field

Tap on Save once completed

How to Edit/Delete Add-ons

From Menu Management, Tap on the Add-On sub-tab and proceed by selecting an Add-On from the list available


a. Edit Add-On - Begin to edit and make changes to the Add-on.
b. Archive Add-On - Scroll down and tap on Archive to Archive Add-On

Edit Add-Ons

Point of Sale Illustration

The following illustration shows how add-ons position into your point-of-sale after configuring your POS menu add-ons settings.


Updated on: 11/06/2023

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