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Point of Sale V4.1.0 - Payment - Cash Management

How to Access Cash Management from Point of Sale

This article provides an overview of how to view and update your Cash Management settings. Utilize a straightforward tone and approach for the best results.

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From your new order screen tap the drop down arrow (a) or slide the setting bar down (b):

New Order Screen

Tap on Payment

Settings Screen

On the left hand navbar tap on Cash Management

Left Hand Navbar

Upon taping Cash Management you will be prompted with the following actions that can be taken:

a. Enable Cash Tracking - This allows the system to maintain all cash drawer activity
b. Select Cash Register - At Defualt you will see the cash register that you desginated to the station, However you can select and view any of the cash drawer activity available from your stations in the restaurant.
c. View Cash Register Statements :

Previous Day's Closing Balance - Shows what the cash drawer was closed with previous day
Estimated Cash in Drawer - The amount currently counted for in the cash drawer
Open Till Balance - The staic amount that you decide to open your register with on a day to day, This is performed daily for best practice.


Note: If cash tracking is enabled you can balance your cash drawer on a regular basis and hold employees accountable for the money they’ve handled.

Next you have the following tabs Pay in/Pay Out, Opten Till Balance and Close

Option Tab

Start by entering an Open Till Balance Amount

Open Till Balance Prompt

Note: To best manage your cash drawer we suggest the following procedure to start with Open Till Balance, Followed by performing the activity required for Pay in/Pay out and finally perfoming close drawer. Also before you start your End of Day make sure you close your drawer before performing End of Day task.

After enter a Pay In/Pay Out amount and follow the next steps:
a. Select an employee
b. Select a reason
c. Enter a special note (Optional)


You can also view the following:

a. Cash Logs
b. Employee Tips

View Information

Finally tap on Close you will be prompted with yes or no to proceed closing drawer

Close Drawer

Note: Closing drawer should be done at the end of the day to make sure employees are entiled to their tips.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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