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Point of Sale V4.1.0 Payment Gratuity

How to set up Gratuity on Point of Sale

This article will guide you through the process of customizing and configuring your Point of Sale's gratuity settings.

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From your new order screen tap the drop down arrow (a) or slide the setting bar down (b):

Settings Dropdown

Tap ON Payment

Payment Tab

Upon selecting the Payment you will be redirected to the Gratuity settings sub tab

Gratuity Page

The following gratuity settings are available to configure as preferred

a. Toggle ON, button next to print on receipt - enable or disable to include gratuity on receipt.

b. Toggle ON, button to “allow custom gratuity”.

c. Toggle ON, if you wish to disable gratuity selection from your CFD.

d. Select Payment type for auto close orders.

e. Set suggested gratuity amount, less then 10

f. Set suggested gratuity amount, more then 10

Once completed with gratuity preference setup. Finalize by configuring the CFD responsive tip amounts.

Create 4 dollar amount options for any order total less than $10

Create 4 percent amount options for any order total more than $10

Gratuity Settings

Updated on: 10/19/2023

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