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Point of Sale V4.1.0 - Restaurant Guestbook

How to Add a New Guest from Your Point of Sale

"Welcome to our comprehensive guide on seamlessly adding a new guest through your point of sale (POS) system. This step-by-step article will walk you through the process, ensuring you can efficiently integrate new guests into your system.

In today's fast-paced business environment, enhancing your operational efficiency and elevating customer experiences are paramount. That's why we've developed an innovative guestbook feature, designed to streamline interactions at the point of sale. Enhance your operational efficiency and elevate customer experiences with our innovative guestbook feature, designed to streamline interactions at the point of sale.

Accessing the Guestbook

From your new order screen, you have two options for accessing the guestbook feature. You can either tap the drop-down arrow (a) or slide the setting bar down (b). Once you've done that, proceed to the next step.

Order Screen

Navigating to Guestbook

Tap on the "Restaurant" option from the list provided. On the left-hand navigation bar, you'll find the "Guestbook" section. Click on it to access the guestbook feature.

Restaurant Tab

Adding a New Guest

Within the Guestbook section, you'll find the "ADD" button. Click on it to begin the process of adding a new guest.

GuestBook Tab

Tap on ADD

Add New Guest Tab

Enter the required information:

Now, you'll be prompted to enter the required guest information:

a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Guest Phone Number
d. Guest Email
e. Other information

Guest Information

Tap On Save, The new guest info will appear like shown in the image below:

New Guest

Congratulations! You've successfully added a new guest to your system using the Point of Sale guestbook feature. This streamlined process ensures a smoother customer experience and improved operational efficiency.

Updated on: 11/06/2023

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