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POS V4.1.0 - Clock In/Out & Breaks

How to manage the time clock

This article will show you how to easily keep track of your work hours with the time clock. Learn the steps for clocking in and out and learn how to take a break from the point of sale. Get informed now and make managing time easy on your shift!

Manage your working hours with ease. Clock in, clock out, and take a break with our smooth and easy-to-use time-tracking system. Get control over your time and maximize your productivity.

How to Clock In

From the user PIN screen, the first thing you have to do is enter your unique 4-digit pin

User Screen

Once you have input your PIN, tap on Clock In followed by selecting a Job Type for that shift and confirm by tapping on Clock In

Clocking in promt

Upon confirmation you will be successfully clocked in for the shift

Clocked in image

Note: Upon successfully clocking in you will also receive a printout with your clock-in time stamp.

How to Clock out

From the user PIN screen, Enter your unique 4-digit PIN

User Screen

Once entered, tap on Clock Out at which point you will be prompted with a confirmation window to continue clocking out

Clock Out Tab

Select Yes or No to proceed with clocking out to end your shift

Clocking Out Screen

Note: Upon successfully clocking out you will also receive, a printout with your clock-out time stamp, total hours worked, and total tips earned (if the option is enabled).

How to Take a Break

To take a break enter your 4-digit PIN and select Break

Break Tab

You will then be prompted with a confirmation window to select Yes or No to proceed with taking a break or remaining clocked in

Break image

Note: Upon successfully taking a break you will also receive a printout with your start of the break time stamp. When clocking back in, the total duration of the break is accounted for as paid break time.

You have now successfully learned how to manage the eatOS time clock. Learn more about the User Screen

Updated on: 11/23/2023

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