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QR Dine-in Setup Guide


Explore the myriad of dine-in settings and options available in our online ordering system, OrderOs! This article serves as your guide to seamlessly integrate the dine-in experiences with online orders. Discover the efficiency of QR code-based table ordering, real-time communication tools, and dynamic pricing strategies. Unlock the full potential of your dine-in operations with the insights provided in this concise overview of Dine-In orders. Elevate your customer experience and operational efficiency effortlessly!

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Dine-In Settings
How To Generate a QR Code

Dine-In Settings

On your Storefront Settings edit the Dine-In Settings to your preference

Allow Users to Order without Paying - if enabled, grants guests the convenience of placing online orders and deferring payment until later.
Accept Cash Payments - offers guests an alternative payment method. If disabled, customers will only be able to pay using card and digital payment options.
Allow Order as Guest - allows guests to place orders without the need to sign up for your online store.
Auto Accept Order - If the feature is enabled, the ability to report an issue and cancel an order is disabled.

Dine-in Hours - configure the preferred days and times to accept the enabled order type. By default, the schedule is set the same as the restaurant schedule. Click on the ellipsis or 3 dots icon to change the settings.

You will then be presented with the option to set the opening and end time for your Online Ordering** as well as the interval and the days the applicable after tapping the ellipsis or 3 dots icon.**

Receiving Orders

Orders can be sent to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) system if applicable. Users can assign a specific employee to oversee and manage dine-in orders.

Send Orders to QSR - if applicable, enable the merchant at the point-of-sale location settings
Assign Transaction to Employee - enables you to assign a specific employee to oversee and manage your dine-in orders.

Revenue Center

Revenue Center for Online Orders

Note that before assigning a revenue center, it is best to first create a revenue center dedicated to online ordering alone to manage your restaurant report respectively

Assign Transaction to Employee - lets you designate an employee to manage your online storefront

Notification to Customers

When Order is Ready - if enabled, guests can receive a notification when their order is ready, provided that it is enabled.
When Order is Cancelled by the Restaurant - you gain the ability to promptly send an order cancellation notification to the customer.
When Order is Accepted - if enabled, will automatically send a notification to the customer when their order is accepted.

Embedded Button

This feature allows you to integrate your online store into your website. Paste the code to embed the content into your website.
You can generate a custom or predesigned embedded code before copying the code to your website.

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Setting up a QR dine-in system can streamline the ordering process and enhance the dining experience for your customers. By using the eatOS dashboard, you can configure logo settings, export options, and generate a QR code that can be easily shared with your customers.

How To Generate a QR Code

Following these steps allows you to generate a QR code that can be used for customers to place online orders at the tables in your restaurant.

Step 1: On your eatOS dashboard , navigate the left side menu and select “Online Ordering”.

Step 2: Next tap on QR Order at Table

Step 3: Configure logo settings:

3a. Upload your restaurant logo.
3b. Enter your restaurant name.
3c. Choose a theme color.
3d. Enter a welcome message.

Step 4: Configure export settings:

4a. Assign the table number - this will set the area where customers can specifically do online ordering inside your restaurant. After assigning the table number the QR will be automatically generated.
4b. To send a QR code copy to your email, tap “Send to Email” and enter the email address where you wish to send the QR code, if you wish to send a copy to another person, enter the email address at the “Enter CC” box and tap “Send”
4c. To Export a copy of the QR code, tap the “Export PDF” button and your dashboard will automatically export the QR code.

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Updated on: 12/08/2023

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