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Getting started - Printer TSP654II

Getting started Star printer

For Models: TSP654II/ TSP654
Manufacturer: Star Micronics

The following article will go over basic steps to start plugging and testing your printers.

Table of Contents:

Connecting via LAN
Connect via USB
Connecting the AC adapter
Turn power ON
Turn power off
Loading Paper Roll
Self Printing
Category Routing Level
Product Level Routing


Power Cable
Paper Roll

Connecting via LAN

To connect your printer by ethernet cable follow the steps below.

Connect one side of the LAN cable to your router/Hub

Connect the other side of the LAN cable to the LAN connector of the printer.

Connect via USB

Alternative, you have the option to connect your printer using a USB cable. To do so follow the steps below to get started.

Make sure the printer is Unplugged, To avoid printer damage.

With a screwdriver, remove the two top screws holding the interface card in place.

Remove the interface card unit by gently pulling the direction of the arrow above

Once you have removed the interface, gently slide the new interface in until it is firmly seated.

Secure the new interface card using the two screw that were extracted in step 2.

Lastly, run a self print test. The interface should show USB as shown below.

Connecting the AC adapter

Connect the AC adapter to the power cord.

Connect the AC adapter to the connector on the printer.

Insert the power cable plug into an AC outlet.

Turn power ON

Turn on the power switch, which is on the left side of the printer. The POWER lamp on the control panel will light.

Turn power off

To turn the power off simply press the switch to the left, confirm it has powered off once the LED lights are off

Loading Paper Roll

Make sure you are using the correct paper roll.

Push the cover open lever, and open the printer cover.

Load the paper as shown in the image below, and pull the leading edge of the paper straight towards you.

Push on both sides of the rear cover to close it.

Self Printing

Learn how to detect your IP address by performing a self print.

Turn the printer OFF

Hold down the FEED button and turn the printer ON.

Release the FEED button after 5 seconds. The printer will produce two sheets of information. Keep the second sheet, as it will display the detected IP address within a bordered box. This sheet also contains subnet and gateway information. This information may be useful for troubleshooting purposes if the printer isn't detectable.

Now that you have setup your printers, learn how to select your designated printers, name your printers, detect and test your printers on the point of sale by clicking on the link (

Note: To ensure successful detection, all devices should be on the same network IP. The initial three sets of numbers in the IP address should match, followed by a distinct set of numbers.

Category Routing Level

The following guide will show you how to route categories, once you have named your printers on the Point of Sale. You can route categories directly from the POS or the dashboard.

From paired printers navigate to Menu Management on the left hand side of the navbar

Select Categories

Select a category name, next assign the printer. The products within the category will all print from the assigned printer.

Product Level Routing

Learn how to route your products at product level , by following the steps below.

Tap (a) or slide the dropdown arrow down (b) to open settings page.

Tap on Menu Management

Tap on Product

Select a product and assign a printer to the product. The printer you assign to your product will eventually print at the station where the printer is located.

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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