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Ingenico Lane 3000 Series Setup

Setting up Ingenico lane 3000 Series

The following article will guide you in a step by step on how to setup your card reader once received.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started
Powering the device ON
Connection Status
Entering Text Using the Multi-Tap Method
Accessing the Admin Menu
Changing date and time
Adding card reader to eatOS dashboard
Testing your card reader

Getting Started


Before you unbox and connect your card reader, make sure to do the integration process first. Follow the steps below to get started. This will only cover the steps to integrate Card Connect.

Login to the ( dashboard.

On the left hand side, tap on Integrations

Navigate to Featured Apps, and click on Card Connect

Next you will click on Install App

Enter the required information

a. Username*

b. Password*

c. Merchant ID*

Lastly click on Save


Ingenico Lane/3000 Terminal

Ingenico Multipoint interface cable

Ingenico power supply

Powering the device ON

Plug the power supply connector into the jack on the multipoint interface cable.

Connect the Multipoint interface cable into the Multipoint port on the underside of the terminal.

Connect the other end of the multipoint interface cable to an Ethernet port, router,modem or wall jack

Lastly plug the power supply into an available power outlet. This will automatically power on the device.

Connection Status

Once power is supplied to the terminal, the initialization process begins.

When the terminal has successfully established it’s IP Address, it will attempt to call the terminal service.

If the connection is successful, the terminal device will display Connected

If the connection is unsuccessful, the device displays Disconnected. Contact eatOS support for assistance.

Learn how to detect your card reader from the Point of Sale, Simply click on the following link. (

Entering Text Using the Multi-Tap Method

Certain settings and configuration will require you to enter characters using the keypad. Each number key also represents a set of letters that can be entered with that key, if pressed more than once. The first key press will enter the number, while pressing the key multiple times will enter one of the letters associated with that number key.

For Example:

Press 2 once to enter the number 2.

Press 2 twice to enter a lowercase a.

Press 2 three times to enter a lowercase b.

Press 2 four times to enter a lowercase c.

Press 2 five times to enter a capital A.

Press 2 six times to enter a capital B.

Press 2 seven times to enter a capital C.

Accessing the Admin Menu

When accessing the admin menu, it will provide you access to the settings,**configuration**, change menu password and restart terminal.

Step 1: Press F and enter the default password of CCMerchant using the Entering Text Using the Multi-Tap Method
Step 2: Press O to confirm the password and access the Admin Menu.

Press the down arrow to scroll down.

Press the up arrow to scroll up.

Press O (green button) to select.

Press < (yellow button) to clear.

Press X (red button) to cancel or return to the main menu.

Setting up date and time

Access the menu.

Scroll down to Date and Time.

Press O (green button) to access Date and Time settings.

Enter the current date using the number pad.

Adding card reader to eatOS dashboard

Login to the eatOS dashboard

Tap on Hardware

Click on New Hardware

Select Card Reader

Enter the device name and select card connect under subtype

Enter the required information, Lastly tap on Add

After you have added your card reader to your dashboard, click the link ( to learn how to select your card reader from the point of sale.

Testing your card reader

Once you have selected

From the point of sale, create a new ticket by adding products

Tap on Charge

Next, tap on card. Doing so will prompt a tip option depending on your setup.

The card reader should make a beeping sound and prompt the total.


The following topics will provide information for troubleshooting your terminal.

Restart Your terminal

To perform a hard reboot, press and hold the .,# Key and < (Yellow Key) simultaneously until the device powers off.

Device Disconnected

Verify that you are using the correct provided multi-point mono connector (Ethernet) cable and power supply. Make sure the power supply plugs into the splitter on the ingenico multi-point mono connector cable.

Check that the Ethernet jack on the multi-point mono connector cable is plugged securely into your router, modem or networking switch.

Verify that your networking switch is connected

Reboot the terminal

Device Restarting Unexpectedly

Access the cardpointe integrated terminal menu

Scroll down to Date and Time

Press O (green button) to access Date and Time settings

Enter the current date using the number pad

Scroll down to Time

Enter the current time in 24-hour format using the number pad.

Press O (green button) to save your settings.

PPS - 21 Invalid Merchant Error

If you are experiencing this error on the terminal, contact eatOS support for assistance.

Updated on: 12/08/2023

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