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Setting up Poynt 6

Poynt 6 Series Guide

In this article will go over on setting up your Poynt 6 terminal.

The Poynt 6 is a handheld device that can function as a POS or as a card reader. It runs on a modified Android operating system, has a small customer-facing display. It has a charging dock that slots into place.

Table of Contents:

Charging the Poynt Smart Terminal
Powering ON
Connecting to Wifi
How to download Order and Pay app
Inserting paper roll


Before you unbox and connect your card reader, make sure to do the integration process first. Follow the steps below to get started. This will only cover the steps to integrate Poynt.

Login to the ( dashboard.

On the left hand side, tap on Integrations.

Navigate to Featured Apps, and click on Poynt.

Next you will click on Install App.

You will be redirected to the poynt login page. Sign in using your poynt credentials.

You will then be redirected to the permissions page and click on Authorize Access to authorize poynt access.


Poynt Device

Charging Dock

Power cable

Power Adapter

Quick Start Guide

Charging the Poynt Smart Terminal

Connect the power adapter to your Poynt Smart Terminal, Then connect it to a power source. There are two ways to connect your smart terminal:

Plug the power adapter directly into the side of the poynt smart terminal and connect it to a power source.

Place the Poynt Smart Terminal in the docking station, plug in the power adapter, then connect it to a power source. When placing the smart terminal in the dock, make sure that the larger screen is facing you and align the terminal with the charging pins in the dock.

2, Allow the smart terminal to fully charge, usually takes about one hour. While charging you can lightly tap the power button on the back of the merchant screen to see the current battery charge.

Powering ON

Unpack your poynt 6. The poynt smart terminal comes packaged with a docking station and a universal power adapter.

Assure that the poynt device is charged. You can connect the poynt to the charging dock and plug in the charging card to the dock itself.

Power on your poynt 6 device by holding the power button for 3 seconds.

Note: The power button is located on the back of the larger, merchant screen. It is easier to locate using your left hand.

Next connect to your Wifi.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Pull down from the top of the screen

Select Wifi

Tap on your Wifi name and input the password

Select connect

How to download Order and Pay app

Select the Apps tile on the page

Select the Order & Pay app that is available

Download and Install the app

Once it has successfully downloaded, open the app

Login using the same credentials as the POS

Select device as QSR

Locate settings,click on Card Reader and Select the Card Reader.

Go back to settings and check printer settings.

a. First select detect

b. Select -default KOT & -Custom KOT sections

Next, Head over to Advanced printer settings, Check for Large KOT item text>& Modifier size drop down>All 3 should be checked off for Tall>Wide>& Bold.

Select Save at the bottom of the page. Device should be all set.

Inserting paper roll

To load a fresh roll of receipt paper into your device, lift the latch on the printer compartment and pull out. This will release the latch. Unwrap the roll of paper, make sure that the paper is taut to the roll and place the roll into the printer compartment. The edge of the paper should be oriented toward the top of the roll to ensure the receipt prints properly.


Power down or Reboot the Poynt Smart Terminal:

To power down your device, press and hold the power button behind the merchant screen for 3 seconds.

A menu will appear. Select to either Power off or Reboot the device.

Device not powering on:

If your Poynt terminal will not power on or charge even after leaving it docked for a significant amount of time, please perform a hard power reset.

Step 1: If the device still doesn't power on, check that the charging pins are not damaged or bent, and all power sources are plugged in securely, power block is plugged into the wall socket and the block itself, and the cable from the power block to the back of the docking station. Make sure the device is placed in the dock properly.

Step 2: Place the device on the docking station. Hold the power button for roughly 30 seconds and release. This ensures that all power has been cut from the device. Try to power on the device again.

Step 3: If the device still isn't charging, wait for about 30 minutes, it might be completely dead.

Step 4: If the device still doesn't turn on, it might have to be replaced entirely. Contact

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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