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Setting up N910

Everything you need to know about your N910.

This article will show the functions on the N910 handheld, such as powering on your device. The newland N910 has a built-in printer.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started
Powering ON
Connecting to Wi-Fi
How to download Order and Pay app
How to replace paper roll
Accepted Paper Roll

Getting Started

Ensure the device is fully charged

Ensure the device has a Wi-Fi network that you can connect.


N910 Terminal
Power cord

Powering ON

Hold the power button on the side of the device until the device powers on.

Once the device is turned ON you will be prompted to select your language.

Next, connect to your Wifi connection.

After connecting it may begin to update its software as required. This can take a few minutes. Allow the device to download,install and reboot before getting started.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Pull down the navbar from the top of the screen.

Select the Wi-Fi button.

Select your Wi-Fi name and connect.

How to download Order and Pay app

Select the Apps tile on the page

Select the Order & Pay app that is available

Download and Install the app

Once it has successfully downloaded, open the app

Login using the same credentials as the POS

Select device as QSR

Locate settings,click on Card Reader and Select the Card Reader.

Go back to settings and check printer settings.

a. First select detect

b. Select -default KOT & -Custom KOT sections

Next, Head over to Advanced printer settings, Check for Large KOT item text>& Modifier size drop down>All 3 should be checked off for Tall>Wide>& Bold.

Select Save at the bottom of the page. Device should be all set.

How to replace paper roll

Step 1: Open the paper roll compartment.

Step 2: Replace the paper roll in its correct orientation, leave a few inches of paper out.

Step 3: Close the printer.

Step 4: When the printer lid is properly closed, you should hear a click sound.

Step 5: Gently pull the paper roll to make sure its installed firmly. Remove the excess paper by tearing along the serrated edge.

Accepted Paper Roll

Paper roll diameter 40mm, width 58mm.


Rebooting the device

Press and hold the power button

A window pop up should appear, select power off or reboot

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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