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Setting up Poynt 5

Poynt 5 Series Guide

The Poynt 5 terminal is about the size of a smartphone. It’s a mobile solution that can work with the POYNT smart terminal or be used standalone. A fast, lightweight POS device that fits in your pocket.

In this article, We’ll cover the hardware basics when experiencing the Poynt 5 terminal.

Table of Contents:

Unboxing Poynt 5
How to charge the Poynt 5
How to power on
How to connect via Wi-Fi
How to download Order and Pay app
How to update apps up to date


Before you unbox and connect your card reader, make sure to do the integration process first. Follow the steps below to get started. This will only cover the steps to integrate Poynt.

Login to the eatOS Dashboard.

On the left-hand side, tap on Integrations.

Navigate to Featured Apps, and click on Poynt.

Next you will click on Install App.

You will be redirected to the poynt login page. Sign in using your poynt credentials.

You will then be redirected to the permissions page and click on Authorize Access to authorize poynt access.

Unboxing Poynt 5

When you have received your Poynt 5 box it should contain the following items:

Power adaptor

Power Cable

Quick start guide

Poynt 5 Device

How to charge the Poynt 5

Using the included power adapter and USB cable. Insert the smaller end of the cable at the bottom of the device underneath the home button.

If you lose or cable gets damaged an Android charger can be compatible.

How to power on

To power on the Poynt 5, from the right side, slide down the sprung button.

How to connect via Wi-Fi

Swipe down from the top.

Tap on the Wi-Fi icon and connect to your desired internet.

How to download the Order and Pay app

Select the Apps tile on the page

Select the Order & Pay app that is available

Download and Install the app

Once it has successfully downloaded, open the app

Login using the same credentials as the POS

Select the device as QSR

Locate settings, click on Card Reader and Select the Card Reader.

Go back to settings and check printer settings.

a. First select detect

b. Select - default KOT & - Custom KOT sections

Next, Head over to Advanced printer settings, Check for Large KOT item text>& Modifier size drop down>All 3 should be checked off for Tall>Wide>& Bold.

Select Save at the bottom of the page. The device should be all set.

How to update apps to date

Swipe down from the top and tap on Settings

After clicking on settings, Tap on Software Updates

Tap on, Check for Software Update

The screen will list the apps on the terminals and will allow you to see if the apps are up to date. You can manually check for updates by clicking on Check for Updates


Rebooting the device

To power down your Poynt 5, slide down the sprung button on the right-hand side of the device towards the bottom of the device. Hold for 3 seconds, then Release.

A menu will appear. Select either Power Off or Reboot the device.

Updated on: 11/06/2023

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