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Star Micronics MC-Print3


The Star Micronics MC-Print3 epitomizes excellence in POS printing, combining unmatched speed and efficiency. Its compact design seamlessly integrates into diverse business environments, while its versatile connectivity options ensure compatibility with various systems. Renowned for exceptional print quality and unwavering reliability, the MC-Print3 is the epitome of a sophisticated thermal printing solution, delivering a polished and professional experience for businesses at the forefront of innovation.


MC-Print 3 USB / LAN
MC-Print 2

Manufacturer: Star Micronics

The following article will show you how to connect set up and power on your printer. To do so follow the simple steps below. The article will also cover the steps to connect via USB or LAN.

Table of Contents

How to Power On
Connecting via USB
Connecting via LAN
How to print IP Address
How to Properly Insert Paper Roll
Category Routing Level
Product Level Routing
LED Display
Cutter Error Display
Bluetooth Connection Display
Network Link Display

How to Power On


Step 1: Remove the rear cover

Step 2: Connect the AC Adapter

Securely Plug the power cord fully into the adapter inlet. (1)

Plug the AC adapter in the correct vertical orientation into the power connector of your printer. (2)

Step 3: Securely fix the power cable to avoid any interference when replacing the rear cover.

Step 4: Insert the power cable plug into an electrical outlet.

Step 5: Lastly press the power button to turn On the printer.

Connecting via USB

Step 1: Flip the printer and remove the back cover

Step 2: Plug the included USB cable into the USB port.

Step 3: Plug the other end of the USB cable into any available USB port on the Sunmi.

Step 4: Lastly, close the printer and Sunmi port cover.

Connecting via LAN

Step 1: Connect one side of the LAN cable to the hub/router

Step 2: Connect the other side of the LAN cable to the LAN connector of the printer.

Now that you have connected your printer via USB or LAN, learn how to detect and and setup from the Point of Sale by clicking on the link (

How to Print IP Address

The following article will show you how to identify your IP Address in just a few simple steps. This article is based on all the compatible MC printers.


Step 1: Turn the printer Off

Step 2: Press and hold the Feed button.

Step 3: While holding down the Feed button (1), Turn the printer On (2)

Step 4: Two receipts will print, the second receipt will include the IP Address at the bottom.

How to Properly Insert Paper Roll

The following article will show you how to properly set up your paper roll, In just a few simple steps. The following printer only takes thermal receipt paper.


Step 1: Have your printer On

Doing so will automatically feed and cue the paper

Step 2: Open the printer cover

Pull the lever to open the printer cover

Note: When replacing the paper roll, make sure to remove the paper core remaining in the paper roll holder.

Step 3: Set the paper

Place the paper as shown below:

Note: To prevent a paper jam carefully wind the paper tightly from the paper roll before setting it in the printer.

Step 4: Finally close the printer cover

Pull the end of the paper roll straight out.

Press down on both sides of the printer cover to close the printer cover. Once the paper is cut automatically you have completed the steps for replacing the paper roll.

Category Routing Level

The following guide will show you how to route categories, once you have named your printers on the Point of Sale. You can route categories directly from the POS or the dashboard.

Step 1: From paired printers navigate to Menu Management on the left-hand side of the navbar

Step 2: Select Categories

Step 3: Select a category name, next assign the printer. The products within the category will be routed to the assigned printer.

Product Level Routing

Learn how to route your products at the product level, by following the steps below.

Step 1: Tap (a) or slide the dropdown arrow down (b) to open settings page.

Step 2: Tap on Menu Management

Step 3: Tap on Product

Step 4: Select a product and assign a printer. The printer you assign to your product will eventually be routed to the assigned printer.


How to reset IP Address to DHCP

The following content will give you a brief step in resetting your printer to the default setting. To do so follow the next 3 simple steps below.


Step 1: Turn the printer Off

Step 2: Remove the rear cover

Step 3: With a small object or pen press and hold the Reset hole located behind the printer (1), then turn the printer On (2). Look at the front of the printer, the Lan symbol will flash green and continue to hold for 10 sec (3).

Step 4: Release the pen, press and hold the Feed button located in front of the printer, until the printer has printed a self-test out chit. Take a look at the IP address at the bottom line, You will see (DHCP) meaning the printer has been reset successfully.

<h3 id="3-led-display" data-type="###" onclick="CrispHelpdeskCommon.go_to_anchor(this" alt="" loading="lazy"/>
" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-title csh-font-sans-semibold">LED Display

The power status or communication status and the error information such as paper out are indicated by the power LED, Bluetooth LED, and Network LED. Every LED light has a different indication status or error information.

→ Power LED ( a )

The power LED lights up blue or blinks blue, red, or magenta according to the power status, warning, or error information of the printer.

→ Bluetooth LED ( b )

The Bluetooth LED lights up blue based on the Bluetooth connection status.

→ Network LED ( c )

The network LED lights up and also blinks green according to the network connection.

Normal use

The power LED light will not turn blue when printer is Off.

Power status On

Warning Displays

The following functions will display warnings.

→ Near End

This will indicate that the paper will be used up soon.

→ USB hub connection

A USB hub has been connected to the USB -A port. The LED light will blink for about 5 sec after the USB hub has been connected successfully, after it has it will return to the status display.

Error display - Recovery error

→ Cover Open error

The printer cover is open. Set the paper correctly, close the printer cover, and it will move to the power ON status.

→ Out of paper error

The print is out of paper. Replace the paper roll. Close the cover and the LED light will move to power On

Cutter error Display

This will be indicated by the Power LED (a)

→ Cutter Error

The cutter did not operate properly.

To fix the issue open the printer cover, remove any jammed paper, and proceed by closing the cover. If you are not able to open the cover, turn the power Off once and On again. The cutter error should be resolved.

If the error light is still displayed after the action above was taken, please contact our support team.

Bluetooth Connection Display

→ Bluetooth Connected

The printer is currently connected to the merchant device via Bluetooth.

→ Bluetooth Not Connected

The printer is not connected via Bluetooth.

The Ethernet (LAN) connection status is indicated by the Network LED light (c)

→ Ethernet Connected

A connection between the printer and a router or hub is established.

→ Ethernet Link-Off (Physically disconnected)

The printer along with a network device such as a router or hub was disconnected.

Make sure the LAN cable is properly connected and not lost or damaged.

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Updated on: 05/26/2024

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