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How to take order using order & pay

Depending on restaurant size and requirement, table management can be an optional feature on your Point-of-Sale. This must be configured at the eatOS dashboard.

The Order & Pay home screen shows your zone area and table with the number of seats and table status.

To initiate a transaction: Select the table number and the number of seats. Once done, you will be automatically directed to the Order Menu section.

Select the "AVAILABLE" table

Select the number of seats.

New Order - Menu

Menu section shows the available menu/products. It allows you to take an order and add items/products to the Order section.

To start taking an order, follow the steps below:

Select the preferred items/ products.

(Note: You have the option to apply for a product discount (if applicable). Just tap the Discount icon found at the bottom left corner.)

Tap "Add-ons" to add applicable items.

Tap "Add" to add an order to the tab.

New Order - Order

Order section shows the customer their current cart and the payment summary breakdown including Applied Discount, Applied Tax, and the Total Amount.

In this section, these are the things that you can do:

Edit - this is if a customer missed adding an add-on or special notes or would like to remove an item instead.
( This is only applicable when the order is not yet fired to the kitchen.)

Fire - send the order to the kitchen for advance order preparation.

Charge - perform or collect payment.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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