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Table Status (POP)

Title: Understanding and Managing Table Status in Table Management

Efficient table management is essential for providing a seamless dining experience. With the Table Status feature, you can easily track and update the status of each table in your establishment. This article will guide you through the various table statuses and how to manage them effectively.

Table Status Options:
The Table Status feature offers a range of statuses to accurately reflect the state of each table:

* Available
* Ordering
* Ordered
* Reserved
* Seated
* Running Late
* 1st Course
* 2nd Course
* 3rd Course
* Partially Seated
* Served

Updating Table Status:
To change or update the status of a table, follow these steps:

Tap the Status box associated with the table you want to update.

Select a Status:
Choose the appropriate status from the list provided. Please note that you can only change the table status if an order has been initiated.

Selecting a Table for Ordering:

When using the Order & Pay home screen, your zone area and tables are displayed, complete with seat numbers and table statuses. To select a table for ordering:

Tap on an Available Table:
Choose an available table with the correct number of seats. You will be automatically redirected to the order menu section to begin placing your order.

The Table Status feature simplifies table management, allowing you to accurately track the status of each table in your venue. By following the provided steps, you can effortlessly update and choose table statuses, enhancing the overall dining experience for your guests. If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to contact our support team. Your ability to manage table statuses effectively contributes to a smoother dining operation and increased customer satisfaction.

Updated on: 11/29/2023

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