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Welcome to our guide on navigating the range of payment options available within the Point-of-Purchase (POP) system. Providing customers with flexible and convenient payment methods is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. In this guide, we'll delve into the various Modes of Payments within the POP system, ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction experience for both customers and staff.

As customers progress through their shopping journey and arrive at the payment stage, they are met with an array of payment methods to choose from. These options are designed to accommodate diverse preferences and circumstances, ultimately enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

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Exploring Payment Options in Point-of-Purchase (POP)

Exploring Payment Options in Point-of-Purchase (POP)

Payment Choices

Once customers have made their selections and are ready to finalize their purchase, they are presented with multiple payment choices, including:

Cash Payment

For those who prefer to pay with cash, the cash payment option is a straightforward choice. Simply input the transaction amount or choose from preset tender amounts, providing ease and accuracy in the transaction process.

Select "Cash"

Tender Amount

Card Payment

Customers who opt for the speed and security of card payments can select the card option. To enable this, ensure that your compatible card reader is properly configured in the system settings. This ensures a hassle-free experience for both customers and staff.

Gift Card

For transactions involving gift cards, customers can seamlessly use this payment option by entering the relevant gift card number. This makes redeeming gift cards a breeze, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Enter Gift Card Number

QR Code Payment

In an age of digital convenience, QR codes have become a popular mode of payment. By utilizing the app-provided QR code, customers can swiftly complete transactions using their devices. This method not only streamlines the payment process but also adds an extra layer of security.


By offering a range of payment options that cater to different preferences, your business can elevate its service quality and create a lasting impression on customers. Empowering both customers and staff with a clear understanding of these diverse payment methods fosters efficiency and customer loyalty.

Thank you for choosing our Point-of-Purchase system, where seamless transactions meet customer convenience. For any further assistance or inquiries, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Updated on: 06/08/2024

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