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KIOSK - General Settings

Welcome to the guide on customizing the general settings of your kiosk. In this article, we will walk you through the process of adjusting various configurations to match your preferences. Discover the flexibility of your kiosk's settings and learn how to personalize them to suit your needs and goals.

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Navigating to General Settings
Configuring General Settings

Navigating to General Settings

There are 2 ways to access the general settings:

Step 1: Kiosk Home Screen
1a. On your kiosk's home screen, tap the top-left part of the screen.

1b. Then navigate to the left side navigation bar then tap on General.
1c. General Settings
After tapping on the main screen the user will be directed to the General settings page. Where the user may enable, disable, and update the settings to their preferences.

Step 2 Dashboard Hardware List
2a. Login to using the activated eatOS account.

2b. On the dashboard navigate to the left side navigation and tap on Hardware

2c. On the Hardware page the user will be presented with the list of devices filter them out by tapping on the dropdown menu and filtering the device to the Kiosk device.

2d. Select the preferred device and hover over to the date created column then select edit.

3e. Update the device settings on the user's preferences.

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Configuring General Settings


Revenue Center
This option is available for Tizen Kiosks, if you are using an Android Kiosk you may refer to Configuring General Setting (Dashboard)
Select the preferred revenue center
Recommendation: Users are advised to establish a distinct revenue center using a placeholder employee, as this can function as a standalone point of sale (POS) system.

This settings contains the following options for the user’s preferences:

Pay at the Counter - Sends to the cashier instead of charging at the kiosk.
Close Order Automatically - If enabled, disables adjustments after the customer is done paying.
Prompt For Mobile Number - If enabled, this will ask customers to enter a mobile number before checkout.
Disclaim Message - If enabled, display the "Do not use my info for any marketing" message.
Enable QR Payment - If enabled, customers will be able to pay by scanning the QR code.
Simple Mode - Removes all banners, logos, and messages during kiosk idle.

Card Reader
Select the card reader to start taking payments

My Account
This setting consists of the currently logged-in user account and their current role. As well as an option to switch the logged-in employee and sign out the logged-in account.

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Note: some features are not applicable to Tizen devices.

Device Information

Device Name - Enter the preferred device name
Serial Number - Enter the device's Serial number
UDID - Enter the device's UDID
IP Address - Enter the IP Address of the device.


Pay at Counter - Enable the option to pay at the counter.
Pay by QR - Enable the option to pay using the QR code.
Close order automatically - Auto-close the order after payment.
Prompt for Mobile Number - Enable a prompt request for the customer's mobile number
Default Checked - Select the option for the disclaimer message
Simple Welcome Mode - Display a simple welcome screen without the animations and banners.
Disclaim Message - Displays "Do not use my info for any marketing" message.

Revenue Center

Revenue Center - Select the preferred revenue center.
Recommendation: Users are advised to establish a distinct revenue center using a placeholder employee, as this can function as a standalone point of sale (POS) system.

Hardware Settings
Note for Tizen devices that KOT and Receipt Printers are automatically selected.

Card Reader - select the preferred card reader
KOT Printer - select the preferred Kitchen Order Ticket Printer.
Receipt Printer - select the preferred Receipt Printer.

*Bill Settings

Auto Print Bill - Print bill automatically
Always Display Item Quantity on Single Item - Display the quantity of each item
Show Free Items on Bill - Display the free items on the bill.
Show Free Modifiers on Bill - Display the free modifier on the bill.

Receipt Settings

Auto Print Receipt - Print receipt automatically when enabled.
Always Print Customer Copy - If enabled will print a customer's copy receipt
Display Suggested Gratuity on Receipt - If enabled display the suggested gratuity on the receipt.
Display Signature & Tip Line - If enabled display a signature and tip line on the receipt.
Print this with - Select the print option if the customer pays with the selected payment options.
Receipt Type - Select the preferred receipt type from the list.
Print If Amount Above - Print the receipt if the total amount is above the set amount.

KOT Settings

Print Each Item Individually - Print ordered items separately rather than on a single ticket.
Large KOT Item Text - Display Kitchen Order Ticket text size to large.
Large KOT Order Number - Display Kitchen Order Ticket order number to large.
Reverse KOT Font Style - Reverse the Kitchen Order Ticket font style.
KOT Print With - Print Kitchen Order Ticket with the selected order types.
KOT Modifier Size - Select the text size of the Kitchen Order Ticket modifier.

Advanced Settings

Auto Restart - Will restart Kiosk on the time set.
Send New Order Emails to -Send new order emails to a selected employee.
Restart At - Set a restart time for the device.
Access Control Panel Password - If enabled, require a password to access the control panel.
Control Panel Password - Set a control panel password.

Note: Tap on next and proceed with the steps, make sure to follow through the steps to save the changes made. You may refer to Kiosk Guide for reference.


In conclusion, your thorough configuration of the General Settings on your eatOS Kiosk has allowed you to fine-tune its functionality to best serve your business needs, offering a seamless and efficient ordering and payment experience for your customers. These settings will contribute to the overall success of your kiosk operations, promoting customer satisfaction and ease of management.

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Updated on: 11/06/2023

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