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A Guide to Employee Time Management

Managing Employee Time with eatOS Dashboard: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide aims to assist you in efficiently viewing and editing employee time records using the eatOS dashboard. By following these step-by-step instructions, you'll be able to seamlessly manage and keep track of your employees' work hours.

Step 1: Log in and Access the Employee Section
Login to the eatOS Dashboard using your credentials.
From the main menu, navigate to the "Workforce" section.

Step 2: Choose the Employees Option
Within the "Workforce" section, select the "Employees" option from the available choices.

Step 3: Utilize the Calendar Filter
To edit an employee's time for a specific date, locate the calendar filter at the top right corner of the page.
The filter will automatically display the current date if you're editing time for the same day.

Step 4: View and Update Employee Time
Identify the desired employee for whom you wish to edit time.
Click on the option next to the employee's name.

Step 5: Modify Existing Time Entries
A popup window will appear, presenting the employee's existing time entries.
Make necessary modifications to start and end times, as well as job types.
To include additional time worked, click "UPDATE."

Step 6: Add New Time Entry
If no time entries exist for the employee, you can add a new entry.
Enter the start time and end time for the work shift.
Select the appropriate job type from the dropdown menu.
Note that both start and end times are mandatory for creating a successful entry.

After completing edits, return to the employee list view.
Here, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the total hours worked by the employee.

By following these straightforward steps in the eatOS dashboard, you can efficiently manage and keep track of your employees' work hours. This process ensures accurate timekeeping and simplifies the task of editing and recording employee time records. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 10/12/2023

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