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Managing Employee Access and Permissions


In today's dynamic business landscape, efficient control over staff access and privileges is crucial. This specialized segment equips you with the tools to wield comprehensive control over your team's access, allowing you to finely tailor their interactions with your devices and dashboard.

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Manage Employee Access and Permissions for Seamless Management

Manage Employee Access and Permissions for Seamless Management

Step 1: To effortlessly delegate user permissions and access, navigate to the dedicated employee setup tab within your eatOS dashboard and choose the Roles option.

Leverage the Job Role feature as your command center, streamlining the assignment and oversight of employee access and permissions, perfectly aligned with their designated roles and responsibilities.

Step 2: Get started by clicking on the + New Roles button, setting the stage for a personalized access framework.

Step 3: You can configure access to your menu, payments, restaurant, customers, account or reports to a certain role like your restaurant manager. If enabled access, the restaurant manager will automatically have permission to access the selected data when logged in to your devices.

Step 4: Toggle ON button next to each permission depending on the employee's role. If enabled, sub-permissions can be configured.

You can configure sub-permission such as View or Edit.

Step 5: To save the employee permission, simply click on the Save button.

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Updated on: 05/15/2024

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