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Guide on navigating the dashboard home

Exploring the Feature-rich eatOS Dashboard Home

Welcome to this guide where we will dive into the diverse array of features found within the eatOS Dashboard Home. Designed to streamline your restaurant's operations, enhance efficiency, and equip you with invaluable insights, the eatOS Dashboard Home is a powerful tool for managing your restaurant business.

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Reports Overview
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Reports Overview

The eatOS Dashboard Home provides a comprehensive view of your restaurant's performance. Through a comparative analysis overview, you can easily compare various aspects of your business over different timeframes, enabling you to make informed decisions for your restaurant's growth.

Gross Sales
Gross Sales represent your restaurant's total revenue before any deductions or expenses. It gives you a clear picture of your restaurant's earnings.

Net Sales
Net Sales reflect your restaurant's revenue after deducting discounts, refunds, and taxes. It offers insights into your restaurant's actual earnings.

Total Orders
This metric indicates the total number of orders placed at your restaurant within the selected date range. It helps you gauge customer demand.

Total Transactions
Total Transactions encompass the complete count of transactions, including both cash and electronic payments. It gives you a holistic view of your payment methods.

Total Refunds
Total Refunds reflect the total value of refunds issued to customers during the specified period. This metric is crucial for monitoring customer satisfaction.

Total Discounts
Total Discounts provide an overview of the cumulative value of discounts applied to orders. It aids in tracking promotional effectiveness.

Total Taxes
This metric shows the total amount of taxes collected from customer orders. It's vital for tax compliance and financial planning.

Total Tips
Total Tips represent the sum of tips received from customers for their orders. It acknowledges your staff's service quality.

Total Delivery Fees
If applicable, this metric accounts for the total fees charged for delivery services. It's important for assessing the profitability of delivery.

In addition to individual metrics, the Dashboard Home offers a comparative analysis by date. This feature allows you to compare your restaurant's performance over different time periods, aiding in trend identification and progress assessment.

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Quick Access Button

The Dashboard Home includes a Quick Access Button for immediate access to key resources:
eatOS Website: Easily navigate to the eatOS website for in-depth platform information, feature details, and service offerings.
Helpdesk Support: Gain direct access to eatOS helpdesk support for troubleshooting, guidance, and addressing any platform-related issues.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Access the FAQ section to find quick answers and solutions to commonly asked questions about eatOS, its features, and usage.


The eatOS Dashboard Home serves as a centralized hub for monitoring and managing your restaurant's performance. With its insightful reports, comparative analysis, and quick access to resources, you're empowered to optimize your restaurant operations for success. Explore the features of the eatOS Dashboard Home today and elevate your restaurant business to new heights.[Back to top](#3-in-this-article)

Updated on: 11/23/2023

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