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Connect, Detect, & Test Printer (w/ POS)


Troubleshooting Guide: Connecting, Detecting, and Testing Your Printer

If you're encountering issues with connecting, detecting, or testing your printer, this guide will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure your printer is set up and functioning correctly.

Table of Contents

Connecting the printer
Perform a Printer Connection Test
Detect and Test Printer on POS

Connecting the printer

Step 1: Unbox the printer, in the box, you should have the AC adapter, AC cable, and USB interface cable. 

Step 2: Connect the AC cable to the AC adapter. 

Step 3: Connect the AC adapter to the power supply behind the printer.

Step 4: Connect one end of the USB to your printer and the other end to the Sunmi device. To connect the USB to Sunmi simply look under the screen and there should be a lid that can be opened. 

Step 5: Power on the printer and make sure you have a solid green light.

Perform a Printer Connection Test

This section outlines the process of performing a connection test for specific printer models. The connection test helps verify the printer's connectivity and gather essential information.

a. Power and Setup
Plug the printer into a power socket. If the printer is already powered on, turn it off

b. Conducting the Connection Test
Press and hold down the FEED button.
While holding the FEED button, turn on the printer.
Release the FEED button after 5 seconds. You'll notice that the red and green lights on the printer will start blinking.

c. Status Lights
The green light will stabilize, while the red light will continue flashing until the IP address detection is complete.

d. Printed Information
The printer will produce two sheets of information.
Keep the second sheet, as it will display the detected IP address within a bordered box. This sheet also contains subnet and gateway information. This information may be useful for troubleshooting purposes if the printer isn't detectable.

Detect and Test Printer on POS

From POS, navigate through Settings tab > select Advanced > Printers.
Select Detect Device from the top right-hand corner (see image below)

The POS will now attempt to detect your USB and network printers.

Accessing Printer Settings

From your POS system, navigate to the Settings tab.

Select Advanced and then choose Printers.

Detecting Devices

Click on the Detect Device option located in the upper right-hand corner. Your POS system will initiate a search for both USB and Network printers.**Click on the Detect Device option located in the upper right-hand corner. Your POS system will initiate a search for both USB and Network printers.**

Note: To ensure successful detection, all devices should be on the same network IP. The initial three sets of numbers in the IP address should match, followed by a distinct set of numbers.

Selecting Printers

Choose the relevant printers for different functions:** Bill/Receipt, Default KOT (Kitchen), and Custom Item printers.* Select your Bill/Receipt**, Default KOT(Kitchen), and Custom Item Printers

Testing the Printer

Opt for the Test Printer option. This action will trigger a sample receipt to be printed from your Bill/Receipt Printer

Note: The Test Printer function is available only if a Bill/Receipt Printer has been assigned.

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Updated on: 05/15/2024

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