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Navigating Guest Feedback


Customer feedback is an integral part of enhancing your restaurant's services and creating a positive dining experience. With eatOS, our integrated support feature empowers your customers to provide valuable feedback directly through the digital receipt. This feature also facilitates direct communication between your restaurant and its guests, ensuring timely responses and issue resolution. In addition, the feedback you receive can serve as a valuable tool to assess employee performance and overall service quality.

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Accessing Feedback
Edit guest feedback
How Guests or Customers Provide Feedback

Providing Feedback Through the Digital Receipt

eatOS makes it seamless for your restaurant's patrons to share their thoughts and opinions. When a customer receives a digital receipt, they have the opportunity to leave feedback directly through this platform. This immediate channel enables your guests to express their satisfaction or concerns in real-time, enhancing your understanding of their dining experience.

Initiating Private Conversations for Swift Issue Resolution

Should a customer encounter any issues or have specific concerns, eatOS enables them to start a private conversation directly from the digital receipt. This proactive approach facilitates swift communication between your restaurant and the guest, enabling you to promptly address and resolve any matters. This not only demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction but also helps in preventing negative experiences from escalating.

Accessing Feedback

Step 1: Log in to the eatOS dashboard > navigate to Sales section and select Feedback.

You can:

View real-time feedback with status indicators (Happy Emoticon = Good, Sad Emoticon = Poor).
Check the feedback ID, date, and details.

Edit guest feedback.

To modify or archive a guest's feedback, simply click on the three-dot icon. and select "Edit"

How Guests or Customers Provide Feedback

Upon receiving their digital receipt, customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. In the feedback section labeled "How was your experience?" customers can choose between a happy or sad emoticon to reflect their satisfaction level.

After selecting their preferred emoticon, they will be redirected to the feedback form where they can provide further details and submit their feedback.

Customers can allow the restaurant to reply to the feedback (optional)

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Updated on: 06/01/2024

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