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How to Report and Resolve Production Issues - A Step-by-Step Guide


Encountering operational issues can disrupt workflows, but our support team is here to assist you. This guide outlines the optimal procedure for reporting and resolving production issues. By providing comprehensive information and following a structured format, you can ensure a swift resolution to the matter at hand.

Submitting a Production Issue Report:

Step 1: Gather Essential Information: - To expedite the resolution process, it's crucial to collect relevant information. The more insights you provide, the better our team can address the issue. Start by obtaining the following details:

The name of the station where the issue occurred.
The last 4 digits of the card used (if available).
Order number associated with the transaction.

Step 2: Transaction Log Analysis (if necessary): - If the last 4 digits of the card are unavailable, we can still proceed by matching the order total against the transaction logs using the processor portal. Details such as transaction time and total can help locate and validate the payment.

Step 3: Create a New Support Ticket: - With the essential information at hand, access our support portal and initiate a new support ticket. Fill out the required fields using the following format:

Support Ticket Format:
Station: [Station Name]
Last 4 Digits of Card: [Last 4 Digits]
Order Number: [Order Number]
Additional Details: [Provide a brief but clear description of the issue]

Escalation and Resolution:

Step 1: Submit Information and Validate Payment: - Upon submitting the necessary information and confirming payment validation, your request will be promptly escalated to our dedicated development support team.

Step 2: Resolution Process: - Our skilled development support team will thoroughly analyze the provided details and work towards a resolution. Rest assured, your issue is in capable hands.

Create New Support Ticket:

Once the provided information is submitted and payment is validated, the request will be forwarded to the relevant development support team for resolution.


By following this systematic approach, you empower our support team to swiftly address and resolve production issues. Your cooperation in providing comprehensive details greatly expedites the process. If you have any questions or require further assistance, our dedicated helpdesk team is ready to guide you through each step. Your smooth and efficient operations remain our top priority.

Updated on: 08/27/2023

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