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A Guide to View Tickets on KDS

How to View and Manage Tickets Using eatOS KDS

eatOS KDS (Kitchen Display System) seamlessly integrates with your POS, kiosk, order & pay, and online ordering applications. This real-time integration enables you to efficiently manage and monitor incoming orders, ensuring a smooth kitchen operation. In this article, we will guide you through the process of viewing and managing tickets using eatOS KDS.

Note: For a visual guide, you can watch the tutorial video below:

Viewing and Managing Tickets with eatOS KDS

1. Login to KDS App: - Open the eatOS KDS app on your device and use the same login credentials as your POS and other devices. This ensures a seamless connection between your different platforms.

2. Monitor Orders on the Home Screen: - As new orders or tickets come in, they will be displayed on the Home screen of the KDS app. This screen gives you an overview of all incoming orders, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the kitchen's workload.

3. Identify Unseen Tickets: - Incoming orders that haven't been processed or acknowledged will be listed under the Unseen tab. This tab helps you quickly identify new orders that require attention from the kitchen staff.

4. Process Orders and Move to "Seen" Tab: - As your kitchen staff begins processing an order, it will be moved to the Seen tab. This tab indicates that the order has been acknowledged and is being prepared. This visual tracking system streamlines order management and prevents any confusion.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your kitchen operations and ensure that orders are processed promptly and accurately. The eatOS KDS provides a user-friendly interface to help you streamline your ticket management process.

eatOS KDS offers a seamless solution for integrating and managing orders from various sources, such as POS, kiosks, order & pay, and online ordering applications. By utilizing the Home, Unseen, and Seen tabs within the app, you can efficiently monitor incoming orders and track their progress through the kitchen workflow. This visual guide simplifies the ticket management process, enhancing the overall efficiency of your restaurant's operations.

Updated on: 08/28/2023

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