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Kitchen Display System - Order Status

After firing an order to KDS, the kitchen staff will check the orders and start preparing the items.

The following are the different order statuses as orders progress from new item to served:

Blue Eye Icon + Seen = new order status. The order has been received but has not yet been processed.

Red Bell Icon = preparing order status. The item/order is now being prepared.

("Back Icon" is tapped if you want to return from previous order status)

Checkmark Icon = order is ready to be served. Tap the Checkmark or Served button when an item is ready to serve from the list of orders.

For a single ticket with multiple items, you have the option to tap the Seen icon (located at the bottom) if all items/orders are ready to be served.

Kitchen Display System - Servable Modifier

A "Servable Modifier" is a setting from KDS that can be enabled if a modifier can be served separately from the main item. These modifiers need to be configured to your eatOS dashboard first to be considered a servable modifier.

To enable this option:

Step 1: Go to "Settings" then tap on "Servable Modifiers". You will know if it's enabled because it will be highlighted as green as shown in the image below:

Step 2: Once enabled, the modifier can be served separately from the main item and will have a Blue Eye icon. See the image below:

Step 3: If this setting is not enabled, the kitchen staff will not have the option to serve these modifiers separately and the Blue Eye icon is not visible. See the image below:

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Updated on: 05/21/2024

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