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KDS - Sound Settings

Adjusting Sound Settings on KDS (Kitchen Display System)

Welcome to our quick guide on how to customize your sound settings on the KDS to suit your preferences and enhance your kitchen workflow experience. Get useful alerts every time new tickets arrive to the kitchen.

Getting Notified with Useful Alerts

Stay on top of your kitchen tasks by receiving timely alerts whenever new tickets arrive. With the KDS sound settings, you can configure the audio notifications to ensure you never miss an order.

Follow these simple steps:

Accessing the Settings:

Begin from the KDS home screen and locate the SETTINGS option.
Settings Tab

2. Navigating to Sound Settings:
In the SETTINGS menu, find and tap on SOUND SETTINGS.

Sound Settings

3. Adjusting the Volume:
Within the SOUND SETTINGS section, you'll find options to customize audio preferences. Locate the volume adjustment controls.
Adjust Volume

Slide the volume control to the desired level that suits your environment and preference.
That's it! You've successfully personalized your KDS sound settings. Now, you'll be able to receive audible alerts for incoming orders, helping you manage your kitchen tasks more efficiently.

Additional Resource:
For a visual walkthrough, you can also watch this short video tutorial on Sound Settings for KDS: Sound Settings Tutorial

With these simple steps, you can make sure that you're always informed about incoming orders without any hassle. Should you have any further questions or need more assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Happy cooking and order management!

Updated on: 08/30/2023

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