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Dasboard - Restautant Service Areas

This feature helps streamline your restaurant operation. Note that creating a restaurant zone and allocating tables still varies from one restaurant to another - depending on the restaurant's size and concept.

How to Create Service Areas

Navigate to the Restaurant setup.

Select Service Areas.

Click on “+ New Floor” and enter the required information.

a. Enter the floor name.

b. Enter floor number.

c. Tap ADD to save new floor.

How to create a new service area from scratch

You have the option to select from pre-created service area templates or choose “Add A New Area” to create a service area from a template, use eatOS AI, or start from scratch.

Tap Start Now and create a service area from scratch.

Create the service area on the blank canvas

Add Tables

a. Tap “Tables”

b. Select the applicable table shape

c. Add the tables and seats

i. Table name - enter a unique table name

ii. Table no. - enter the associated table number to be assigned

iii. No. of seats - enter the number of seats to be assigned and select the seat direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

iv. Tap Add to add the table and seat

Repeat the steps to add more tables and seats

d. Add dividers - remember to add dividers according to your restaurant service area.

Tap Dividers to draw a line on the canvas

e. Add text

To add text, tap the Text button

You can also edit the text color, and font size according to your liking

Tap Save to save the created service area

How to edit the service area

To edit, tap the pencil edit icon

Update the required information

How to archive service area

To archive, tap the “Archive” icon

Select “Yes, Archived it!” to archive the service area, or select “Cancel” to go back without deleting the service area

How to unarchive a service area

To unarchive, select the “Archive” tab

Click the 3-dot icon

Select “Unarchive”

Tap “Yes, unarchived it!” to reactivate or tap “Cancel” to remain on the archive

How to permanently delete a service area

To permanently delete, select the “Archive” tab

Click the 3-dot icon

Select “Permanently Delete”

Tap “Yes, permanently delete it!” to confirm or “Cancel” to go back to the archive

Updated on: 10/26/2023

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