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Dashboard Labor Analytics & Reports


Welcome to the eatOS Dashboard Labor Analytics! Whether you're tracking labor costs or just want a better understanding of your restaurant's daily cash flow, the easy-to-use Dashboard will provide all the information you need.

This page is your home for keeping track of labor metrics across all locations. Here, you can view comprehensive reports and gain real-time insight into labor costs, payroll trends, cashout reports, productivity, and other important data.

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Navigating to Dashboard Labor Analytics and Reports
Cashout Report
Payroll Report

Navigating to Dashboard Labor Analytics and Reports

Step 1: On your eatOS Dashboard, go to "Analytics and Reports."
Step 2: Click on the "Labor" tab.

Cashout Report

The cash-out section is a comprehensive report for cash-out activities, providing a breakdown of total cash and card-generated sales. Here you can easily view employee cash-out activity summaries for exact totals in card sales, cash sales, and tips received within the desired filter type.

Cashout Reports Filtering Options:

Preferred Date Range.

Preferred Date Range

Specific Time Frame.

Specific Time Frame

Filter by the Employee.

Filter by the Employee

Filter by Revenue Center.

Filter Cashout Reports that Include Tip or No Tip.


Filter Cashout Reports that Include Service Charge as Tips

Step 1:Tap the Export button

Step 2: Select “Subscribe to Email" - Select this feature to send the report to a selected user on a daily basis. The email report is automatically sent to the selected user.

Subscribe to Email

2a. Select Employee - Where to send daily gross transaction report.

2b. Tap the “Subscribe” button.

Send to email allows you to email the report to a selected employee or user.

Step 1: Tap “Export”

Step 2: Select “Send to Email”

2a. Enter the email address and an option to send a copy to another email.

2b. Tap the “Send” button.

Reports can be exported to either download in PDF, CSV, or Excel, or email the report through the “Export” button.

Step 1: On the labor-cashout tab, select “Export”

Step 2: Select the preferred file to download the report - PDF, CSV, or Excel

Sample of an extracted cash-out report in PDF format.

Payroll Report

The labor payroll report shows the payroll summary report including the employee clock-in and clock-out, total pay earned including overtime, and total tips earned.

How to view payroll report.

Step 1: Navigate to “Analytics & Reports” on your Dashboard

Step 2: Tap on “Labor” and select “Payroll” from the options

What you can do:

Available filters:

Date Range: You have the option to refine the report according to a particular range of dates.

Start and End Time: Filter the report based on specific start and end times.

Employee Selection: Narrow down the report by filtering it according to a specific employee.

Customize the report to include or exclude the earned tips.

You can either export the payroll report or subscribe to receive it via email daily.

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Updated on: 05/19/2024

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