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Features of the eatOS Dashboard Home Section


In this article, we will delve into the diverse range of features available within the eatOS Dashboard Home, designed to streamline your restaurant's workflow, enhance efficiency, and empower you with valuable insights.

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Reports Overview
Quick Access Button
Dashboard Header Feature

The home section of the eatOS dashboard provides you with instant insight into your restaurant's performance. It offers a comparative analysis overview, allowing you to compare different aspects of your business over time.

Reports Overview

The Reports Overview section presents a comparative analysis of crucial metrics vital for understanding your restaurant's performance. Here's a breakdown of the key metrics available:

Gross Sales: Total revenue generated before deductions.

Net Sales: Revenue after deducting discounts, refunds, and taxes.

Total Orders: Number of orders within the specified period.

Total Transactions: Overall transactions processed, including cash and digital payments.

Total Refunds: Value of refunds issued.

Total Discounts: Cumulative amount of discounts applied.

Total Taxes: Amount of taxes collected.

Total Tips: Sum of tips received.

Total Delivery Fees: Fees charged for delivery services.

Additionally, the comparative analysis by date enables tracking of performance trends over different periods, aiding in identifying patterns and assessing progress.

Quick Access Button

The Quick Access Button provides expedited access to essential resources:

eatOS Website: Easily navigate to explore additional functionalities and learn more about eatOS.

Helpdesk Support: Direct access to our helpdesk for assistance with any platform-related issues or queries. Our support team is ready to provide guidance and troubleshoot problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Accessible from the home section, the FAQ section contains answers to common queries about eatOS features and usage, offering quick solutions to specific questions.

Dashboard Header Feature

The dashboard header includes essential access buttons that allow for quick access to various features.

Available Features:

Burger Icon: Tap once to minimize the dashboard's side navigation bar (showing only the icons) and tap again to display the full navigation bar.

Location Selection: This feature becomes relevant when managing multiple locations. If there's only one location, it will be displayed by default. However, if you have multiple locations, you can select a specific location to view and manage its associated settings. For further information on adding a new location, please refer to the dashboard location settings article.

Quick Look-up Button: Enables you to swiftly search for or view a specific item.

Training Mode Button: Tap to activate training mode on your dashboard.

Window Button: Quickly displays eatOS products for easy viewing or accessing of their features.

Store Icon: Enables quick configuration of your online store settings for dine-in, online ordering, and adjustment of order preparation times. For comprehensive online ordering settings, please visit the online ordering article.

Weather Icon: Tap to access today's weather forecast.

Bell Icon: This feature enables you to swiftly view updates and notifications.

Profile Icon: This feature offers convenient access to view and edit your profile, change your password, update your PIN, and log out.

Support Icon: Allows you to access eatOS support, including live support or navigating the support helpdesk.

Utilize these features to optimize your restaurant's operations and make the most of the eatOS platform.

For further assistance, feel free to contact our support team via the eatOS Dashboard Home or visit our website for additional resources. We're here to help enhance your restaurant experience with eatOS.

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Updated on: 05/18/2024

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