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KDS Category Filter Settings

Enhance your operational prowess through the strategic implementation of the pivotal "Category Filter" feature within your KDS. Employ these succinct yet impactful steps to seamlessly establish its functionality:

Access the "Settings" tab.
Embark on the journey by immersing yourself in the dynamic landscape of your KDS. Navigate purposefully to the "Settings" tab, where the gateway to optimizing your display experience awaits.

Click on "Category Filter" in the menu.
Within the comprehensive expanse of menu options, deftly identify and engage with the pivotal "Category Filter" selection.

Customize Visibility:
Reveal a realm of intricate authority that enables you to precisely adjust category visibility, seamlessly aligning with your operational priorities. Navigate this landscape to either deliberately include or elegantly exclude specific categories. Particularly noteworthy are the highlighted categories, functioning as a visual guide, indicating the present elements on your KDS screen, and harmonizing a symphony of concentration and effectiveness.

The skillful arrangement of the "Category Filter" goes beyond basic functionality, resulting in a harmonious convergence of operational perspectives. This arrangement guarantees that your KDS operates like a finely tuned instrument, gracefully addressing your immediate needs, choreographing streamlined workflows, and propelling the pace of your operations.

Updated on: 05/25/2024

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