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KDS - Status Box

Understanding the Status Box and Symbols on Your KDS Screen


This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the status box on your KDS (Kitchen Display System) screen and the significance of the various symbols it displays. The information is presented in a user-friendly manner to facilitate quick comprehension.

Understanding the Symbols:

Seen Status:
When you look at your KDS screen, you'll notice that new tickets are tagged as Seen in the status box. This status indicates that the ticket has been acknowledged but not yet acted upon.
Seen Status

Preparing Orders:
To begin preparing orders, tap the Seen button on the ticket. This action changes the status to the "Black bell" icon. This icon signifies that the order is currently being prepared.
Black Bell Icon

Order Ready for Delivery:
Once the orders are ready to be delivered, tap the "Bell" icon on the ticket. This action updates the status to Served. Tapping the "Served" status indicates that the order is ready for serving. You can also mark the ticket as completed and close it by tapping this status.
Served Status

Understanding the symbols in the status box on your KDS screen is crucial for effective order management and communication within your kitchen environment. By recognizing these symbols and their meanings, you can ensure a streamlined workflow and efficient customer service.

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Updated on: 05/21/2024

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