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KDS - Ticket View Mode

How to Choose Your Preferred Ticket View Mode in KDS

This article will walk you through the process of selecting or changing your desired ticket view mode within the KDS (Kiosk Display System) application. By configuring and customizing your ticket view mode, you can optimize your KDS experience, allowing for effortless and organized ticket management.${youtube}[Ticket View Mode](R2sY_AuqooM)

Settings Tab

Step-by-Step Guide: Choosing Your Ticket View Mode

1. Accessing Settings:
To begin, follow these steps:
Tap on the Settings tab as shown below:
Settings Tab

2. Understanding Ticket View Modes:
There are three primary types of Ticket View Modes to choose from:
Types Of Ticket View Modes

3. Stagger Mode:
Stagger Mode provides a wider ticket display with larger font sizes for improved readability. To select Stagger Mode:
Stagger Mode

4. Horizontal Mode:
Horizontal Mode alters the ticket display to a landscape orientation, optimizing the view for wider screens. Here's how to choose Horizontal Mode:
Horizontal Mode

5. Grid Mode:
Grid Mode ensures that all tickets appear in equal-sized cells for a consistent and organized layout. To switch to Grid Mode:
Grid Mode

By selecting the most suitable Ticket View Mode, you can tailor your KDS experience to your preferences and needs. This flexibility enhances your ability to manage tickets seamlessly and efficiently. Experiment with different modes to find the one that suits you best and enjoy a hassle-free ticket management experience with KDS.

We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding how to choose your preferred Ticket View Mode within the KDS application. For any further assistance or inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Remember, a well-organized ticket view mode leads to a more productive workflow in your ticket management journey.

Updated on: 08/30/2023

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