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Resolving Multiple Payment Attempts

This could potentially be related to a couple of things such as:

* Service Provider Downtime / Maintenance
* Intermittent Network Connection Trouble
* Faulty Device
* Direct Merchant Temporary Impact

For all the above there is a bit of ambiguity, and the resolution timeline becomes a bit hard to identify.

To start, request as much info as possible for where and which devices are experiencing the trouble and submit it as a production issue report support request using the format below. This will allow the team to get all the necessary insights and address the matter at hand for a quick resolution.

Create New Support Ticket:

Few things you could do to check and should advise the merchant to do are:

a. Check the payment providers status page & subscribe to incident reports.

b. Check for Device Logs.

c. Check the networking insights (or request to have them checked) for anomalies.

d. Request the merchant to check if the network service provider is having intermittent latency or connectivity.

e. Initiate Force Stop for the application to prevent any app misbehavior. (Should that be the root cause)

f. Request a reboot of the payment terminal. (Action can vary for reboot based on device type - confirm payment terminal and advise)

g. Submit a PIR as well to have the engineering team look for deeper insights on an instance.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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