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How to Force Stop the eatOS App: A Step-by-Step Guide

In certain situations, force stopping an app is essential to address issues and regain control. This guide outlines the comprehensive steps to force stop the eatOS app on different device types, ensuring a smooth troubleshooting process:

Elo Devices:

For Elo devices, you can choose between manual and remote methods to force stop the app:

Manually: Enable the control panel by simultaneously pressing two buttons on the back of the screen.

Remote Method: Access the control panel using the password: 1elo.

Follow these steps:

Open the device's* "Settings" from the apps list.

Navigate to "Apps & Notifications" in the settings.

Locate and select the "Name of App by eatOS" from the list of installed apps.

Among the available options, choose "Force Stop".

Confirm your action by tapping "Yes" in the subsequent confirmation popup.

Sunmi Devices:

For Sunmi devices, follow these steps:

Select the Circle Icon on the bottom center of the screen to access the Sunmi Home Screen.

Choose “Settings” from the apps list.

Select “Apps & Notifications” from the list.

Choose the “Name of App by eatOS” app.

Select “Force Stop” from the available options.

Confirm by tapping “Yes” on the confirmation popup.

By skillfully following these steps, you'll gain the ability to confidently halt the eatOS app whenever necessary. This knowledge is invaluable for troubleshooting, ensuring seamless functionality, and regaining control during challenging situations.

Updated on: 08/15/2023

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