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Setting Up An Online Ordering Payment System

How to Enable Payments for Online Ordering

Enabling a payment system for your online ordering process is essential to streamline transactions and enhance customer convenience. This guide will walk you through the steps required to set up a payment system for your online storefront using the eatOS platform.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Access the Online Storefront Section

Log in to your eatOS dashboard and follow these steps:

a. Navigate to the Online Storefront section.

b. Select the Payments option.

Choose a Payment Processor

You have the option to select a payment processor from the available providers, which include Card Connect and Stripe. Follow these steps:

a. From the Payments section, choose your preferred Payment Processor.

Select Payment Types

To ensure a smooth transaction process, it's important to select the types of payment you'll accept. This can include options like VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and GOOGLE PLAY. Here's how:

a. Under the Payments section, find the Payment Types option.

b. Choose the payment types you want to display for your customers.

Enable or Disable Gratuity

Gratuity, or tipping, is an important feature to consider for enhancing customer satisfaction. Here's how you can enable or disable it:

a. Under the Payments section, locate the Gratuity option.

b. Toggle the switch to enable or disable the gratuity feature.

c. If you enable gratuity, customers will have the option to select from pre-suggested tip amounts during checkout.

Adding Preset Gratuity Percentage Amounts

To simplify the process of tipping, you can preset specific percentage amounts for customers to choose from:

a. Under the Gratuity section, find the plus icon (+) and click on it.

b. Enter the desired percentage amount.

By following these steps, you'll be able to seamlessly set up a payment system for your online ordering platform using eatOS. This will enhance the overall customer experience and ensure smooth transactions during the checkout process. If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 11/03/2023

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