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Dashboard Menu Management - Add-Ons

How to add or create new add-ons

Adding new add-ons to your menu can enhance the options available to your customers and boost their overall dining experience. Follow these steps to seamlessly introduce new add-ons to your offerings:

Access the Add-ons Section:
Begin by navigating to the Add-ons section within the menu management area of your system.

Creating a New Add-on:
To add a new add-on, simply follow these steps:

Click on the "+ New Add-ons" button.
Provide the necessary information for the new add-on.
Click the Save button to store your changes.
For each new add-on, you will need to fill in the following details:
a. Add-on Name: Enter a descriptive name for the add-on. (Example: Add Bacon, Extra Egg, Add Onion)
b. Add-on Group: Select an appropriate add-on group.
c. Options for the Add-on: Indicate whether the add-on has customizable options:

Select "Yes" if the add-on offers customizable choices.
Select "No" if the add-on is a standalone item.
If the add-on has multiple options, proceed with the following steps:
d. Allowing Multiple Choices:

If the customer can choose multiple options within the add-on, use this feature. Refer to the table below for guidance.
e. Number of Options:
Enter the number of available options that customers can choose from.
f. Option Name and Price:
For each option, provide the option name and its corresponding price.

Add On NameOptionValue
Add FriesLarge$5

Updated on: 11/17/2023

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