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Dashboard Menu Management - Menu

How to add or create new menus

Select Menus in the menu management section.
Tap “+ New Menus" and select from the following options to add your menu and tap Continue.

a. Upload a menu from your device using compatible formats:
i. Choose the "Upload from your device" option.
ii. Tap on Continue.
iii. Navigate to the file's location on your device and tap Upload.
iv. Select the appropriate location and tap Done to save the changes.

b. Upload an image or pdf file.
i. Tap Continue
ii. Browse the file from your saved location.
iii. Name the menu and tap Upload. Please note that this option may take up to 24 hours to create the menu.
iv. Select the applicable location and tap Done to save.

c. Create menu manually.
i. Tap continue.
ii. Enter the required information and tap the Save button to save the menu.

Menu Name*Enter a custom preferred menu name for your restaurant
Button Color*Set the button color, the selected color here will reflect on your point-of-sale device
Active*The active button allows you to keep the menu active. Select the no button to hide the menu
Parent CategorySelect the parent category associated with the menu
Location(s)Select the location for this menu to be available
Applicable to the menu(s)Select the platform for this menu to be available. All menu(s) – the menu will be available to all platforms including POS, KIOSK, POP, and Online Ordering
AvailabilityMenu date - select the applicable start and end date of the menu
Schedule days: Select the applicable days and set the start and end times

d. Create menu using AI
i. Choose the "Create menu using AI" option.
ii. Select the desired cuisine for the menu.
iii. Enter the name of the menu.
iv. Tap "Submit" to initiate the menu creation process by the AI.

e. Import from a third-party menu like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats
i. Tap Continue
ii. Select the desired third-party platform to import from and tap Next.
iii. Enter the URL associated with the menu.
iv. Enter the name of the imported menu.
v. Select the appropriate location.
vi. Tap Continue to proceed. You will receive a notification once the menu has been successfully created.

Updated on: 11/17/2023

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